Watch: Everything you ever wanted to know about the books of Oz

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May 19, 2017, 6:54 PM EDT (Updated)

Somewhere over the rainbow is an ironic fairyland where scarecrows think, tin men talk and even lions can be cowardly.

People materialize in bubbles.

Sparkly shoes can be magical.

There is also a great and powerful wizard who can grant any wish so long as you follow the yellow brick road to his palace in the Emerald City. The only danger is a wicked green-faced witch who can easily be melted if you just know how.

Except you almost always need a near-death experience to get to this place. And the place is crawling with wicked witches and warlocks. And while that illustrious wizard isn't such a wiz of a wiz (if ever a wiz there was), he becomes a whiz-bang sorcerer. There is also whole menagerie of things that aren't supposed to talk—or exist.

Wait, what?

Most mortals have had a dusting of the magic of L. Frank Baum's iconic novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. With the wave of a glittery wand, this turn-of-the-century acid trip of a book was later transformed into the 1939 blockbuster The Wizard of Oz, which was the first movie in full sound and Technicolor after a bizarre parade of black-and-white films. The cackle of the Wicked Witch of the West and enormous glowing moon face of the Wizard in this movie were nightmare fuel for generations of unsuspecting kids who promptly threw blankets over their heads. However, those who have only visited the Land of Oz by twister and never by earthquake or shipwreck or just getting lost obviously haven't read the parade of thirteen additional books that followed it down the yellow brick road.

Meaning, the mythical Land of Oz (which actually isn’t over a rainbow) has a rainbow of secrets ...

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