With Pacific Rim 2 shelved, del Toro in talks for Cameron's Fantastic Voyage

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Jan 7, 2016, 3:57 PM EST

If you’ve been holding out hope that Pacific Rim 2 might get back on track, we have some bad news. But there could be a silver lining. Maybe.

After rolling into development with a green light seemingly imminent, del Toro’s monsters-vs.-mechs sequel was stalled due to budgetary concerns and some studio shuffling. Now The Hollywood Reporter claims the film has been taken “off the table indefinitely,” so the director is now shopping around for his next project. Instead of something big, del Toro is apparently about to go the opposite direction. Literally.

The director is reportedly “in talks” with 20th Century Fox and producer James Cameron to take on a long-gestating adaptation of Fantastic Voyage, which would serve as a remake of the 1966 sci-fi classic. The original film followed a team of scientists who shrank down to atomic size in a miniature submarine to enter the body of a fellow scientist in an effort to save his life. As for the new version, it’s apparently being conceived as an “event-sized tentpole” that would roughly follow the same narrative. Just, y’know, with whiz-bang modern effects (plus, hopefully, del Toro's unique visual style).

It’s great to see that del Toro could be bouncing back rather quickly with another genre project, but ‘cmon, we were really holding out hope for Pacific Rim 2. The original was an insanely fun time, and del Toro seemed truly passionate to dig deeper into that universe. Here’s hoping he eventually gets the chance, or else we’ll just have to entertain ourselves with that prequel comic and keep our fingers crossed.

What's your take on the shakeup? Which movie do you want?


(Via The Hollywood Reporter)