Paint with Wade Wilson in the hilarious first teaser trailer for Deadpool 2

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Nov 15, 2017, 11:24 AM EST

One of the great joys of Deadpool is his fourth-wall-breaking persona. It means he can pretty much show up anywhere, and the promotional campaign for Deadpool 2 is definitely proving that so far. The first poster was unveiled via an issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, and now the first teaser trailer has arrived surrounded by a very interesting video.

There are bits of actual footage from the film embedded in here, including new looks at Deadpool himself, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Deadpool's old buddy Weasel, but it's all hidden inside an homage to The Joy of Painting. Yes, the one you used to watch on PBS with Bob Ross instructing you on painting happy little trees. Yes, this is seriously how the first footage from Deadpool 2 is making its way out into the world.

In the video, Deadpool -- sporting a sweet Bob Ross wig -- is supposedly just going to conduct a painting session. This is Deadpool, though, so ... things get weird really fast. The canvas keeps changing images unexpectedly, and at a certain point the Merc With a Mouth just starts talking about how much he loves cocaine. The colors on his palette also include references to "Box Office Gold" and "Betty White." There's a little bit of NSFW language, but it's mostly just Ryan Reynolds goofing around until the footage hits.

Deadpool 2 will arrive June 1, 2018, which means we still have months of incredible marketing like this to follow.