Palestinians stage Avatar-inspired political protest

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Palestinian activists dressed as Na'vi characters from the movie Avatar marched in the village of Bil'in to draw attention to their campaign against a controversial Israeli West Bank barrier, AOL News reported today.

The villagers say fences, barbed wire and an Israeli military blockade that is part of a 256-mile-long barrier keep them separated from a majority of their farmlands. Israel began building the barrier in 2002 during a period of an increased number of attacks by Palestinian militants.

Mohammed Khatib, one of the protesting Palestinians, said, "When people around the world who have watched the film see our demonstration and the conditions that provoked it, they will realize that the situations are identical."

Six days after snagging a bootleg copy of James Cameron's film, five protesters, including three Israelis, marched up to an Israeli Army blockade in full Na'vi gear, as seen in the video below.

For additional photos, visit The London Telegraph, which also covered the event.

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