Pamela Anderson fears aging in first trailer for dystopian sci-fi short Connected

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Feb 6, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

The first intriguing trailer for Connected, a short dystopian sci-fi film about the things most of us fear in life -- that’d be life itself and getting old -- has been released.

We’re currently living in the day and age of Facebook, getting old live, in front of family and all those virtual “friends.” When you think about it, it's kinda scary, and director Luke Gilford has tapped into that fear and made it the subject matter of his sci-fi short set to debut on Motherboard on Feb. 8. The full short will premiere at MILK in L.A. this Friday, Feb. 5.

Check out the first trailer:


Here’s how Gilford describes Connected:

Connected is a portrait of a woman grappling with aging, self-perception, and transformation in a technologically optimized world. Jackie (Pamela Anderson) is a burnt-out AuraCycle instructor in the midst of a midlife crisis. She's obsessed with self-improvement podcasts (voiced by Jane Fonda), and she is soon drawn to an advanced yet enigmatic wellness spa that promises to enhance her mind, body and soul. Guided by her effortless and nubile mentor, Luna (Dree Hemingway), Jackie will give up anything to feel “connected"—to herself, to the future, and to a precarious sense of perfection.

(Side note: For those who've never heard of Dree Hemingway before, she's the daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway, niece of the late actress Margaux Hemingway, and the great-granddaughter of iconic writer Ernest Hemingway.)

Connected is produced by Cadence Films, and, as I said above, the sci-fi short will premiere at MILK in Los Angeles this Friday before its online debut on Motherboard Monday, Feb. 8, as part of Motherboard Visions, the site’s "new and ongoing initiative to showcase the future of film." 

Check out the poster below, and let us know what you think.

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