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Development news: Paramount tapping Mission: Impossible for new theme park, Lawnmower Man director boards Biblical cinematic universe

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Dec 14, 2018, 12:55 PM EST (Updated)

We've got a few odd news pieces today as Paramount announces plans for a theme park in South Korea, Brett Leonard plans to enter the Bible, and Facebook tries to stay relevant through streaming.

First up, Variety learned that Paramount Pictures has made a deal to develop an entertainment theme park and resort in South Korea. If constructed, this will be the first Paramount theme park outside of the U.S. While plans were previously announced to develop a park in Spain and England in 2011 and 2012, those plans have since fallen through.

If successful, Paramount theme parks could emerge in other territories as well. Mission: Impossible was cited as one of the central films Paramount will be building their attractions around. There are enough setpieces in the six Mission: Impossible films to create an entire park's worth of attractions, but Paramount has a wealth of properties that could certainly also be featured, like Transformers, Indiana Jones, and Star Trek. That sounds like quite the wonderful world. 


Variety also reports that Brett Leonard, director of The Lawnmower Man (1992) and Virtuosity (1995), will be helming Elijah, a film based on the Old Testament prophet. While it may seem like an odd match, Leonard's Lawnmower Man plays heavy on the biblical allusions.

Of the project, Leonard said, per the news outlet, “the tremendous human and spiritual journey at the core of the epic Biblical story of Elijah provides the ultimate canvas for my passion to explore the connection between cinematic and immersive storytelling.”

Eljiah already has a sequel greenlit, Elijah Part 2, and will start a cinematic universe of biblical stories. Hopefully they conclude Phase 1 with a team-up film called Prophets. Watch out MCU!


Ever wanted to watch Game of Thrones or American Gods on Facebook? The Wrap reports that Facebook is in talks to stream shows from HBO, Starz, and Showtime on their website. Facebook Watch, which still seems like an unknown entity, apparently has a wide reach and the social network site is looking to increase time spent on the site and attract new users.

If the deal goes through, the premium cable network would join Facebook's programming of original series and Whedonverse shows. Facebook would like to launch access to these services, presumably for a subscription fee a la Amazon Video's channels, during the first half of 2019.