Paramount says we won't have to wait until July for Transformers 3

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Dec 14, 2012

If July seems too, too far away to have to wait to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in theaters, Paramount feels your pain.

Michael Bay's third film in the Transformers franchise has (up until now) been scheduled to open July 1. But the studio just announced it's pushed the premiere up two days, to June 29.

Why the sudden change? According to the Hollywood Reporter, there was nothing at all sudden about it:

Insiders say the plan was always to move the film from the Friday slot to a Wednesday opening.

But if that was always the plan, why wait until now and pick today for the announcement? All we can figure is that with a new trailer due to be released later today, Paramount is hoping it'll get the biggest bang for the buck.

So what do you think? With Transformers: Dark of the Moon opening Wednesday instead of Friday, do you plan to head off to catch it on hump day?

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