Shrek studio regrets bizarre (possibly NSFW) photos

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Shrek and Fiona posing with male and female models almost wearing their leather outfits? Puss in Boots being fed grapes by a mostly bare-chested model wearing a cross?

That's not at all what Paramount and DreamWorks Animation expected when they gave their OK for their characters to be used in Vman, a men's magazine that goes on sale April 20, a day before Shrek Forever After is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After having been approached by Vman for the photo spread, the studio had expected a less provocative, more reverential treatment, similar to one Harper's Bazaar had run of Homer, Bart and the rest of the Simpsons in advance of the release of The Simpsons Movie three years ago. Now that the studio has seen the images, executives regret their decision, though they've indicated no legal action is being considered.

"While we do respect Vman's creative vision, the shoot did not turn out the way originally envisioned when the idea was first presented by the magazine," a Paramount spokesperson said. "In hindsight, we would have declined to include the Shrek characters in such a magazine spread."

For more of Ellen von Unwerth's provocative photos of the Shrek crew gone metrosexual, visit Vman.

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