Pareidolia rocks!

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Oct 27, 2006

I've been receiving a lot of email about this natural formation in Canada:

There have been lots of articles in the press about it recently, though this one in Australia appears most complete. It's natural, and just looks like a face (the iPod wire is actually an access road). The reason so many people have been emailing me is because in the past I have debunked claims of artificiality of such formations, having been attacked in the shower by an apparition once.

What's funny to me about this is that I heard about this months ago. The Skeptic Friends Network was talking about it back in January, and the original find was in October 2005! I wonder why it took this long to get popular? I should have written about it then. Oh well.

And for your Friday amusement, here are some more natural faces, too.

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