Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man, replaced by [REDACTED]

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

Not too long ago, Spidey scribe Dan Slott, told local brick-and-mortar comic shops they hadn't ordered enough copies of Amazing Spider-Man #698. In doing so, he set the bar for fans pretty high as far as shocking twists go. It turns out he did not disappoint. SPOILERS AHEAD, TRUE BELIEVERS!

We already knew that the major story arc, Dying Wish, which begins in this issue, would involve the long-dying Doctor Otto Octavius. We knew he was finally about to die, and, moreover, we knew that Peter Parker was okay with that. More than okay, Peter felt that Doc Ock was getting what he deserved for his misdeeds and that the world would be better without him.

That is where we were, but today we are someplace completely different. The narrative of Amazing-Spiderman #698 involves a day in the life of Peter Parker—he's working, he's with Mary Jane, they're talking about getting together, and then ... BOOM! It turns out Doctor Octopus has switched bodies with Peter Parker but retains Peter's memories.

That's right. The real Spider-Man is trapped inside the body of a dying man, and that vile villain, who is still perhaps Peter's greatest nemesis, is living Peter's life for him. It's huge, if not incredibly soap opera.

The larger question is, what will happen with the remaining two issues before the series reboots as Superior Spider-Man #1? Will Otto still be in Peter's body by then? If so, what will he do with that great power and that great responsibility?

(via Bleeding Cool)