That part Jason Momoa definitely doesn't have in Batman vs. Superman? It's Aquaman

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Jan 14, 2014, 1:06 PM EST (Updated)

The Man of Steel 2 rumors are getting more bonkers by the minute, but this one we have got to talk about. 

All right. So we already know for a fact that Wonder Woman is going to be in this Batman vs. Superman movie. But is she the only Justice League member making an appearence? Apparently there is another.

And it's totally Aquaman.

Aquaman! The superhero who has perhaps been the butt of more jokes than any other DC character. That is unexpected.

But the rumor isn't just that Aquaman is in the movie -- it's that Jason Momoa is going to be playing him in order to set up that Justice League flick. And while Momoa has denied his involvement in the Man of Steel followup as "just rumors," we actually think this particular rumor could have some weight to it.

Think about it -- there's really only two ways DC can go about casting a character like Aquaman. They could cast a comedic actor in the part, but that would be too on the nose. Alternatively, they could cast someone who absolutely no one would dare mock. Momoa definitely fits that bill. Do we all recall that time Jason slapped a drunk guy silly? If not, make sure to watch and enjoy, but also realize that nobody messes with Momoa and walks away unscathed.

So, yes, if DC are casting Aquaman, we wholeheartedly give them our stamp of approval. How about you?

(via Comic Book Movie)