Party on 934, Wayne

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Jun 7, 2009

On Friday night I was interviewed by the lovely Julia Sherred from, and she's put it up on her site as a podcast. It was a fun interview, with talk about Hubble, NASA, vaccinations, homeopathy, and more. I think it started off a little slow -- I decided to talk more slowly and articulate more than usual -- but of course I quickly left that all behind and started bubbling over like usual. I really need to settle down during these things, but it's just too much fun to talk about them... or at least too easy to get inflamed and passionate, like when I get angry at antivaxxers.

Anyway, give it a listen... and you can follow Julia on Twitter to find out who she'll have on next. Oh-- on that same page as the interview she has links to an interview she did with some other blogger too, some guy who still dabbles in writing and I think did some obscure TV show back in the 1990s. Might be worth a listen too.

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