Pat Robertson calls D&D evil, is apparently still living in the '80s

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Apr 19, 2013, 4:33 PM EDT

In which Pat Robertson gives an archaic response to a somewhat modern question.

Thank goodness someone is watching The 700 Club; otherwise we would have missed out on this gem. Recently, Pat Robertson was asked the following quesiton:

Is it safe for a Christian to enjoy video games that have magic in them if the person playing the games is not practicing the magic?

We won't say anything about the content of the question. Someone wanted to know how to approach gaming from this specific perspective, and they thought Robertson could provide the answer.

That person was wrong because, instead of talking about videogames, Robertson busted out Dungeons & Dragons. REALLY.

Robertson claims D&D destroys peoples' lives. That, uh ... that never actually happened, Pat. Are you thinking about the 1982 classic Tom Hanks TV movie Mazes and Monsters, which radically fictionalized the disappearance of James Dallas Egbert III? Yeah ... D&D had nothing to do with that real-life event. Turns out Mazes and Monsters was just a universally panned, thinly veiled piece of propaganda. We've known this for about three decades.

And speaking of having nothing to do with anything -- the question was about videogames! So I guess the good news for Pat is that most kids don't play Dungeons & Dragons anymore. Should we tell him that there are countless other tabletop and videogames out there that also involve magic? No, better not. Bless.

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