Patrick Stewart meets adorable Vulcan child for Make a Wish. Feelings factor 9 - Engage

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Sep 12, 2014

Dawn Garrigus is an 11-year-old girl facing a very serious condition -- she has a mitochondrial disease. Unfortunately, that means degenerative issues, both physical and mental.

But sometimes what makes us brave in the face of impossible odds are the things we love. And Dawn loves Star Trek. So when Make-A-Wish asked her what she wanted, she said she wanted to go to Dragon Con, which, in addition to being one of the (if not the) best cosplaying conventions in the world, also had a number of Star Trek folks in attendance this year.

So Dawn went to Dragon Con dressed as a Vulcan and was having the time of her life when things went from amazing to Sir Patrick Stewart amazing (which is way better).

Someone tipped the Enterprise D (and E) captain that Dawn would be at the con, and so he made sure to give her a personal meet-and-greet. The result?

Sir Patrick met up with Dawn, and, according to her, ""I was shy at first, not sure what to say or talk about, but he kept talking to me. I felt like I was on the Enterprise talking to the captain. And suddenly, I was OK." As someone who dreamed every night as a child that Capt. Picard would beam him aboard, I can relate to this feeling, and that Stewart really took the time to speak with Dawn is genuinely wonderful.

And in case you aren't already a mess of tears, Dawn also says, "He told me that since we were friends, when I saw him on video that I could wave and say, 'Hello Patrick.'"

Sir Patrick, why you gotta be so good? Excuse me, I need to go find some tissues. Again.

(via The Huffington Post)

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