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Patrick Stewart begins his journey back to Picard with the writers of his new Star Trek series

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Sep 24, 2018, 12:36 PM EDT

Sir Patrick Stewart broke the internet last month when he confirmed to a crowd of delighted Star Trek fans that he will be returning as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a new CBS All Access series. At this point, we know very little about where the show will take the Captain, but we do have proof that Stewart's already begun the journey.

The legendary actor, who also just signed on to the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot to grace us even more with his presence, posted a photo to his Twitter account Monday that features a meeting with the writing staff of the upcoming Picard series, including Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman and Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon.

It's not clear what Stewart and company are looking at in this photo. Perhaps it's some concept art for the new show, or perhaps it's showrunner Alex Kurtzman (who's not in this shot) talking to them about something. Whatever it is, pens, paper, sparkling water, and snacks are all laid out and ready to go on that table, so we can be sure that work is well underway on the next chapter in Jean-Luc's life.

Stewart announced at Star Trek Las Vegas back in August that, 16 years after Star Trek: Nemesis marked the last ride of the Next Generation crew, he would finally be coming back for a follow-up series focusing on Picard's life. Twitter went predictably nuts with the news, and fans immediately began making their wish lists for what they'd like to see happen to Picard this time around.

Right now, all we really know about the series is that it will arrive on CBS All Access — also the home of the hit Star Trek: Discovery — and that it will be a continuation of Picard's story, rather than a reboot. Perhaps this photo, and Stewart's willingness to give us glimpses into the production process, is a sign of more details to come very soon.