Patrick Stewart proves his awesomeness with greatest fan hug ever + more

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May 30, 2013

Patrick Stewart reminds us that playing a starship captain isn't what makes him a hero. 

Sir Patrick has, of late, become a bit of an online sensation. In fact, just the other day he had someone take a picture of him eating pizza that was retweeted over 3,000 times.

But what has become his defining characteristic, more so than playing Jean-Luc Picard, infinitely greater than taking silly pictures, is his undying support toward ending violence against women and children. In addition to working with groups like Amnesty International and Refuge, he even works with an organization called Combat Stress that is designed to aid people struggling with PTSD.

At Comicpalooza, one attendee asked Stewart about his efforts and shared a bit of her own struggle as a victim of abuse. She thanked him for his work, and then something wonderful happened.

They were about to move onto the next question when Sir Patrick looked at me and asked me “My Dear, are you okay?” I said yes, and that I was finally able to move on from that part of my life. He then passionately said that it is never the woman’s fault in domestic violence, and how wrong to think that it ever is. That it is in the power of men to stop violence towards women. The moderator then asked “Do you want a hug?”

Sir Patrick didn’t even hesitate, he smiled, hopped off the stage and came over to embrace me in a hug. Which he held me there for a long while. He told me “You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now.” I couldn’t stop thanking him. His embrace was so warm and genuine. It was two people, two strangers, supporting and giving love. And when we pulled away he looked strait in my eyes, like he was promising that. He told me to take care. And I will.

Lucky for all of us, people were there to film the event and take some high-quality photos as well. And pictures don't lie -- Sir Patrick is so genuine, his heart so open to the suffering of others, that it is totally undeniable.

Here's the full video of Stewart talking about his life and his aspirations.

We've also got a sampling of photos in our gallery, courtesy of Eugene Lee Images.

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