Watch Patrick Stewart run across London carrying the Olympic torch

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Krystal Clark
Dec 17, 2012

Is there anything Sir Patrick Stewart can't do? The veteran stage, film and television actor just added another notch to his belt: "Olympic torch carrier." Stewart recently hit the streets of London to take the flame one step closer to its final destination.

Stewart is one of many who've participated in the torch relay, which has steadily made its way across Europe. Despite his blockbuster movies and Star Trek accolades, the actor considers his Olympic run one of the greatest experiences of his life.

"I didn't realize how much it meant until it started," he said. "I didn't realize until we gathered here at the school this morning and then went out in the bus and saw the thousands of people on the streets. The sense of exhilaration that that brought. And the evident pleasure in everyone who was witnessing it and feeling that they were sharing in something extraordinary, which they are."

Stewart is joining a roster of sci-fi actors including Doctor Who's Matt Smith and James McAvoy (Professor Xavier, X-Men First Class), who've already had their moment with the torch.

Watch Stewart in action below:

Here's Matt Smith starting his leg in Cardiff:

The final torchbearer will be revealed Friday, when they light the cauldron at the 2012 opening ceremony.

(via EW)

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