Patty Jenkins says Wonder Woman sequel will have ‘a great love story again’

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Mar 27, 2021, 12:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is cautioning fans not to make “false assumptions” based on recent remarks she made about how Diana’s love life will (or maybe won’t?) play out in Wonder Woman 2.

Jenkins took to Twitter to mute speculation that her recent comments, which referred to “a great love story again” in the follow-up film, offer anything substantive concerning the direction Wonder Woman 2’s story actually might take. Love definitely seems to be in there somewhere, but Jenkins is staying quiet on the specifics. 

Saying that people “seem to be completely misunderstanding or making some pretty false assumptions based on one of many vague quotes I made about something I can't say ANYTHING about,” Jenkins advised everyone to “[j]ust wait.”

In an earlier sit-down with the crew of Variety’s Playback podcast, the director had said love is one of the defining characteristics of the interpretation of Wonder Woman she and Gal Gadot have worked to bring to the screen.

“I did very much want to get to love — because that’s what she stands for — and the complexity of what we’re facing,” Jenkins said, referencing the first film. “It’s the journey of a character who believes in good and evil, facing a world that shows you how unbelievably complicated it is to tackle that in any black and white terms, and therefore how much love it requires to make this world a better place.”


Jenkins does appear to have a specific target in mind for Diana’s affections in the sequel, though she's definitely not yet ready to share that information with the world.

“[I]t’s got great fun from the start, and great big ‘superhero’ presence from the start — and is funny, and a great love story again,” she'd said of the new film. “And [there are] a couple new unbelievable characters who I’m so excited about — who are very different than were in the last movie.”

It’s a formula that seems to work, both with critics and with audiences. The first Wonder Woman film scored on both fronts, giving DC its biggest big-screen success to date following the movie's release this summer. For reviewers, the love story was a key reason the film resonated, with many singling out Jenkins’ ability to humanize her characters by bringing high personal stakes to the fated relationship Pine’s Trevor and Gadot’s Prince shared.

Looking to the comics, there are plenty of options outside of Steve. Diana has been romantically linked in small and large ways to Aquaman, Superman, and Batman over the years. There's also the chance they could bring in a character like Trevor Barnes, a more obscure do-gooder who dated Diana in an early 2000s run of Wonder Woman. Or hey, maybe even bring Steve Trevor back — we are talking about a comic book movie, after all.

Regardless, we’re still a long way from knowing how (and whom) Diana Prince will love in the followup. Wonder Woman 2 is slated for a November 1, 2019, release.

This story was originally published on Nov. 30 and has been updated.