Paul Bettany may have dropped some insight into his Solo: A Star Wars Story character

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Mar 26, 2021, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Even with a steady stream of social pics from Ron Howard’s revamped Solo: A Star Wars Story set, we still don’t know a whole lot about the film’s super-secretive plot. As such, we rely on interstellar sleuthing, as we piece together what clues and hints we find along the way, all in hopes of spoiling the movie for ourselves.

This latest clue comes to us via Paul Bettany (via Adventures in Poor Taste), who recently said very little about the film to a crowd gathered at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017. But maybe it was just enough to glean a minor hint as to who Bettany will be playing, a much-theorized topic of conversation since Howard added Bettany to the film in late August.

When asked if he could reveal his character’s name in the Solo solo project, Bettany said: “I’m not sure … I’m not sure I want to be sued.” But then he followed it up with a bit of a morsel: “Ya know, obviously, I’m a very cool intergalactic gangster.”

A clue! (Perhaps.)

Bettany was reportedly brought on to replace Michael K. Williams, whose schedule conflicted with reshoots deemed necessary after the original directors, Chris Miller and Phil Long, were dropped. Before his departure, we found out that Williams was playing a half human/half animal, all “kick-ass” character, and rumors swirled that he could be the film’s main villain.

If Bettany is telling the truth, that could be verification that his “intergalactic gangster” character is indeed villainous. Obviously, that depends on whether or not his usage of “obviously” is facetious or not.

All mysteries shall be solved May 25, 2018, when Ron Howard’s intergalactic gangster space opera opens wide. How do you think Bettany will fit in?    

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