Paul Dini launches Kickstarter for 'deliciously twisted' new graphic novel Boo & Hiss

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Oct 26, 2017, 4:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Comic writer Paul Dini – who co-created DC’s legendary Harley Quinn – has announced that he’s got a spooky new project on the go, titled Boo & Hiss, which looks and sounds like a supernatural spin on the classic Tom and Jerry concept.

Dini revealed the news by launching a Kickstarter for the new series, giving himself a deadline of Nov. 23 for the 48-page graphic novel to be fully funded. Described as a “deliciously twisted graphic novel” with art by Looney Tunes illustrator Dave Alvarez, the story revolves around a ghost mouse who torments the cat that killed him.

According to the release, this exciting new story will turn the ol' cat-and-mouse tale on its head:

"How many comics and cartoons have you seen where the cat chases the mouse endlessly, rarely catching him and never succeeding in vanquishing his rodent nemesis? In the world of BOO & HISS, that all changes: Hiss (the cat) catches Boo (the mouse) and DEVOURS him. There’s no coming back from that, right? WRONG! That’s where the story really begins! Boo returns as a ghost to enact vengeance on his feline murderer. Wherever Hiss goes, Boo follows, tormenting him in various ways: nearly scaring him to death, possessing his body and making him do terrible and embarrassing things, and just generally making his life a living hell. The cat becomes the hunted and the ghost mouse the hunter in the twisted, comic, scary, and poignant world of BOO & HISS!"

As well as co-creating the Joker’s madcap gal pal, Dini has contributed to a whole heap of cartoons, television series, and comics in the last few decades, including the likes of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Freakazoid!, and Lost.

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