Paul Feig on the misogynistic reaction to his female-led Ghostbusters vs. Channing Tatum's male-led one

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Jun 5, 2015, 4:59 PM EDT (Updated)

When Sony announced last year that it was producing an all-female Ghostbusters reboot, with Paul Feig as director, the Internet 'sploded with responses that ranged from the overwhelmingly positive to the extremely negative. Some people even took to Twitter to blast the Bridesmaids director for — I kid you not — "ruining [their] childhood."

In an interview with Radio Times for his new comedy flick Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy (who’ll also star as one of the four ghostbusting ladies) and Jason Statham, Feig spoke about the difficulties he faced making movies with female leads in Hollywood, and how he wished there were more of them. He also discussed the fan reaction that accompanied the female-led Ghostbusters reboot announcement, saying the first wave was extremely positive.

The second one, not so much: "It was very rough. The misogynistic ones that were starting to come in were the ones that were the most upsetting."

Then Sony dropped a bit of a bomb in early March of this year when the studio announced it was also putting together a male-led Ghostbusters spinoff, with Channing Tatum as one of the leads and the Russo Brothers at the helm. A move Feig thinks of as "kind of a mistake." At the time, the announcement really took Feig (and most of us) by surprise. "I was like, 'Does that mean don't worry, the real one's coming after this?' It was a bit of a shock."

Do you also agree that having two Ghostbusters movie projects is a bad move on Sony’s part? 

(via Radio Times)