Paul McGann dishes on the 8th Doctor in awesome new video

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Dec 4, 2013, 11:34 AM EST

One of the many, many joys of the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary celebrations was the long-awaited return of Paul McGann in the role of the Eighth Doctor.

McGann had only played the eighth incarnation of the beloved Time Lord in the sometimes-maligned 1996 Doctor Who movie. But however flawed the film was, people embraced McGann’s Doctor and have been clamoring for his return since Doctor Who was brought back to TV by former showrunner Russell T Davies in 2005.

People finally got their biggest wish when the Eighth Doctor finally made a triumphant return in “The Night of the Doctor”--a prequel minisode for “The Day of the Doctor”--which probably had many a Whovian cheering madly with joy. We don't know about you guys, but for us, this was Christmas.

In this video interview, McGann discusses many things -- his costume, keeping surprises and the Eighth Doctor’s long-awaited regeneration. From the way McGann speaks, you can clearly see how much he loves and enjoys the character (Doctor Number Eight has almost never left McGann since he's done numerous audio plays about his incarnation of the TIme Lord for Big Finnish over the years): There's a real happiness at being back—even for a short while.

We even have a nifty sneak peek at some of "The Night of the Doctor" behind-the-scenes stuff. Just how cool is that?

Enjoy the video below!

And here, have a look at Paul McGann in his full, new Eight Doctor costume glory:


Were you guys thrilled to have had the Eight Doctor back for Doctor Who's 50th and finally see his regeneration? Would you like to see more of his adventures in new minisodes perhaps?

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