Paul McGann on sequel to Five(ish) Doctors, need for a female Doctor Who

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Jul 4, 2015, 2:52 PM EDT (Updated)

One-time Doctor Who star Paul McGann, who blew us all away with that awesome pre-50th-anniversary short, might not be done with the franchise after all.

The actor was a recent guest at the Cambridge Union Society, and apparently he told those in attendance that he’s involved in a sequel to fellow former Doctor Peter Davison’s The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, which was an absolutely hilarious low-budget short that found former Who stars campaigning to join the 50th-anniversary special. 

It was a blast, and we’re psyched to hear they’re putting another episode together. Here’s hoping we’ll get some more details soon.

Along with that bombshell, McGann also chimed in on the long-running debate over the potential for an actress to eventually step into the TARDIS. It turns out McGann is in favor of a female Doctor, and even recommended Who showrunner Steven Moffat give Tilda Swinton and Diana Quick a call about the gig.

McGann noted the BBC “missed a trick” when they didn’t go for a female Doctor this time around, and urged the crowd to imagine the skill an actress of the caliber mentioned above could bring to “one of the greatest characters ever written.” We like Peter Capaldi as much as the next fan, but yeah, we would’ve been curious to see the network mix things up a bit more.

Would you like to eventually see a Five(ish) Doctors sequel, or a female Doctor?

(Via Bleeding Cool, Cambridge News)