Pedal into the Kessel Run with this Millennium Falcon pedicab made of LEGOs

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:04 AM EDT (Updated)

LEGO is getting into the holiday spirit of May the 4th with a Millennium Falcon pedicab made out of its famous colored bricks. Inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story (out May 25), the project took 396 hours and 20,300 bricks to complete by the company's "Master Builders."

In honor of Star Wars Day, the rideable vehicle (measuring 9 feet long and 6 feet wide) is hitting the streets of New York City, where fans will be able to ride in it, take photos of it, and meet Chewbacca, who will also be available for photo ops; just make sure you get his good side and tag him in your Instagram post or he'll tear your arms off. 

Watch an incredible time lapse of the good folks at LEGO putting this thing together:

Rides in the Millennium Falcon pedicab will be available between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. today, beginning at Sixth Avenue between 40th and 41st streets, looping around Bryant Park. If you'll be in the area, you're encouraged to stop by, take photos, and post them to social media while using the hashtags #LEGOStarWars and #RoarForChange. 

Roar for Change is a global challenge from Lucasfilm and Star Wars: Force for Change that supports UNICEF’s lifesaving work for children around the world. From May 3 – 25, Star Wars: Force for Change will donate $1 to UNICEF for each public post that includes #RoarForChange.


Credit: LEGO/Lucasfilm/Disney


Credit: LEGO/Lucasfilm

The Falcon, Han Solo's iconic ship, will play a major role in the smuggler's upcoming anthology movie. Specifically, we'll get to see how Han (Alden Ehrenreich) won the ship from Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) in a card game known as Sabacc, and then he'll use the vessel to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Zip to the gallery below for an up-close-and-personal look at the LEGO pedicab.