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Peer into the evil eyes of this petrifying animatronic Pennywise The Clown

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Mar 26, 2018, 9:20 AM EDT

The annual Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis just wrapped up a weird and wonderful weekend showcasing the finest props, horror dioramas, special effects systems, costumes, and masks intended for the Halloween Haunt industry and theme parks around the world.

One of the absolute showstoppers on display at this terrifying trade show was the 11-foot-tall Pennywise the Clown animatronic prop created by the twisted wizards at Unit 70 Studios.

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The demented interdimensional demon is shown transforming into its true form taken from both Andy Muschietti's killer IT feature film and Stephen King's IT novel, that of a giant arachnid creature we're dying to see in the movie sequel coming out next year.

And what Pennywise would be complete without a screaming little Georgie wiggling in terror like a flopping fish on a hook, complete with his signature yellow raincoat and rubber galoshes?

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Unit 70 Studios is one of the heavy hitters in the Halloween business and mostly sells its zombies, corpses, monsters, and maniacs to professional haunted houses and amusement park owners.

Founder Bo Bruns spoke with SYFY WIRE via telephone to deliver the details on his monstrous Pennywise display piece and explain the process of its hideous birth.

"It was commissioned and presented at the show by Halloween Productions Inc., who requested something based on the Pennywise character from the 2017 movie 'IT' crossed with a spider," said Bruns.

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The nearly 800-pound prop took over two months to design and complete, and features a hand-sewn costume crafted by Brun's mother, Jean Bruns. Unit 70 Studios has been in business since 2002 and has created many mutant monsters and customized beasts, but this was the first time a tailored XXXL costume was created to be worn by an 11-foot robotic predator.

Unit 70 Studios and Halloween Productions have worked together on countless haunted attractions and themed events in the US and around the globe, in countries such as China, Great Britain, Thailand, and Nigeria.

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"This close working relationship enables Unit 70 to establish a presence at the Halloween show without having to do the legwork of actually having to display at the shows themselves, while ensuring Halloween Productions' spot as one of the centers of attention on the crowded show floor."

What do you think of this awesome animatronic Pennywise, and will it haunt your dreams when you nod off to sleep tonight?

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All images courtesy of Bo Bruns.