Peer into Waxwork's new deluxe vinyl score for The Eyes Of My Mother

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Jan 16, 2018, 4:37 PM EST

Nicolas Pesce's The Eyes Of My Mother was a polarizing horror feature debut for the Portuguese director when it arrived on the film festival circuit in 2016 and entered a limited release in the United States.

It's absolutely not for the squeamish with its shocking excess of mutilation, murder, and necrophilia mayhem at a remote farmhouse, all perpetuated by a psychologically-fractured woman, Francisca.

Beyond the gory film's stark and stylish black-and-white cinematography by Zach Kuperstein, the disturbing, synthesizer musical score from composer Ariel Loh acts as a unifying character to help weave a nightmarish descent into the killer's deranged psyche.


New Orleans-based Waxwork Records is releasing the remastered original movie soundtrack to The Eyes Of My Mother on January 16 in another of the disc-spinning firm's primo formats for music lovers and fright film aficionados around the world.


Waxwork co-founder Kevin Bergeron is excited to share this eerie, majestic music with fans in a new, premium 180-gram colored vinyl double LP set housed in a superb, heavyweight old-style gatefold jacket accented with attractive satin coating. This alluring new auditory offering also features composer liner notes by Ariel Loh, new artwork by illustrator Nikita Kaun, and an 11”x11” art print.

"The score itself is what I'd consider a must-have for anyone slightly interested in horror or film music," Bergeron told SYFY WIRE. "It is haunting, moody, and very atmospheric. I honestly have had it on my turntable for weeks."


Bergeron believes it's vital to continue seeking out controversial artistic expressions from young filmmakers like Pesce and raising them up for further examination.

"Many new films by young filmmakers are being released. Waxwork wants to work with these new filmmakers, composers, actors, producers, and studios as much as possible in an effort to really pay respect to the art of cinema and film music," Bergeron said. "The score to The Eyes Of My Mother is a perfect example of how dynamic and effective film music can be while implementing only minimal assets by a single composer. Ariel Loh is seriously impressive, and I cross my fingers that we'll be seeing and hearing more from him soon."


Check out the full gallery of cover art and gatefold images below and tell us if you'll carve out a place for this uncanny soundtrack in your collection.