Peggy Carter and Storm are taking over for a couple of Marvel’s biggest hitters, for a while

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May 4, 2020, 1:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Superhero comics do a lot of strange things. They mess with timelines, reinvent their biggest heroes, and play around in the multiverse. Marvel Comics will be doing at least two of those things in a few upcoming titles, placing two of their female characters — Storm and Agent Peggy Carter — into brand new (old) roles.

For her part, Peggy Carter will be taking on the role of Captain America in Exiles #3. This version of Agent Carter first appeared in the game the Marvel Puzzle Quest mobile game and will make her way to the page on May 9. 

In the comic, written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Javier Rodriguez, a team of heroes explores a series of alternate realities, including one where Peggy Carter, following the death of Steve Rogers, has taken up the mantle and fights in Cap’s trademark star-spangled uniform, complete with his vibranium shield.

“One of the delights of this series is that really any concept that occurs to people or that Marvel’s done in any nook or cranny of its many universes is available to us,” Ahmed says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “There’s a World War II scene, a confrontation with the Red Skull, in Exiles #3, so obviously that requires some version of Cap. Of all places, the Marvel Puzzle Quest video game had a really popular character design for Peggy Carter as Captain America in a reality where Steve Rogers is killed and Peggy has taken the super-soldier serum in his place. As soon as I saw that, I was like ‘Yes, okay, perfect.’ There’s something about Peggy taking over the role of Cap that’s super-compelling.”

The rest of the team includes Blink, a battle-worn, older version of Ms. Marvel, a version of Valkyrie styled after Tessa Thompson’s take in Thor: Ragnarok, Iron Lad, and an adorable cartoon version of Wolverine.


Speaking of characters taking up iconic weaponry usually reserved for the menfolk, X-Men’s Storm will soon become the keeper of one of a series of Asgardian hammers. No, it’s not Mjolnir, that’s been destroyed, but when Thor returns to his role as the God of Thunder, he discovers that a whole slew of hammers have been sent out into the universe and now he’s got to find them. 

In X-Men Gold #26, one of those hammers has found its way to Ororo Munro, turning her into the Goddess of Thunder, a role she is actually pretty familiar with. Not only was Storm originally an African weather goddess long before joining the X-Men, but she’s weirded an Asgardian hammer once before, in the 1985 series The Asgardian Wars

Neither turn is likely to last very long, but for whatever brief time they’re around, we’re definitely here for it.

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