Penn & Teller to join forces with Spider-Man/Deadpool in story written by Penn Jillette

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Aug 19, 2016

Stage magician and comedian Penn Jillette — of the dynamic duo of Penn & Teller — will (ahem) pen the upcoming Spider-Man/Deadpool #11 Marvel comic book issue drawn by Scott Koblish, which will see the web slinger and the Merc With a Mouth join forces with the two magicians.

The awesome news was revealed by Marvel via This Week’s Marvel Podcast, where Jillette talked about writing for the comic book title:

“I had to mull it over for like two or three seconds. I mean, what book could be more exciting?...Of all the characters in comic books, it doesn't get better than Deadpool and Spider-Man. It's a dream come true for a lot of things. Spider-Man/Deadpool are a team, but in this comic, the team is Spider-Man/Teller and Penn/Deadpool. Imagine what a magician could do with someone who heals that quickly!”

Imagine, indeed! I’m sure Jillette will have no problem coming up with some cool ways to make the Merc With a Mouth bleed and make use of his healing powers. Like, say, running that sword through Wade Wilson instead of Teller (see image below)? He also added:

“Spider-Man has the sensibility of everything wonderful and groovy from the '80s and '90s, and then you've got Deadpool who's become a character of the 21st Century. There's a new impetus there -- breaking the fourth wall -- there's a lot of stuff that I'm interested in in theater and performance that the Deadpool character is playing around with. The idea of having something happen while you're commenting on it is fascinating to me....I love to do magic tricks, talk about how magic tricks are done, and still fool [people.]”

Spider-Man/Deadpool editor, Jordan White, also added he’s been a fan of Penn & Teller for years and that Jillette’s name popped up when he was brainstorming ideas for a fill-in writer on the comic book title.

This isn’t Jillette’s first time writing for a comic book, though. He’s written stories for Detective Comics and Dark Horse Presents in the past. His Spider-Man/Deadpool #11 will arrive in comic book stores in November.


(via Comic Book, Comic Book Resources)

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