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The real Georgie, a Pennywise wannabe, attend local screenings of Stephen King’s It

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Sep 12, 2017, 4:11 PM EDT


Who would you rather sit next to during a screening of IT? I’m pretty sure I know my answer (though I'm not sure where I stand on the all-clown screenings).

With audiences flocking to see Andy Muschietti’s record-breaking Stephen King adaptation last weekend, it was tough to find a seat. Packed as such, folks often had to sit next to strangers. But if you we’re unlucky enough to be in one of these two theaters, that stranger may have really added to your outing’s scariness factor.

Get a load of this poor IT attendee, Chris (twitterer HG_Hohbes), who showed up early to his local theater, thinking he’d have the pick of his perfect seat, only to be greeted by this Pennywise-idolizing freakshow:

Scary indeed! Which kind of dilutes the fear factor of having little Georgie Denborough (Jackson Robert Scott) show up at the Alamo Drafthouse Phoenix in the same slicker he wears in the film -- just before he gets abducted, when he first sees Pennywise, holding that same paper boat in his hand (though we can’t confirm it’s got the wax coating for optimal flotation.)

Okay, let's be honest, that fear-factor is only diluted ever so slightly, because they still had to turn on the projectors! 

(via Cinema Blend, Complex)

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