Pennywise goes metal as IT meets Slipknot in the freakiest cover ever

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Sep 29, 2017

Slipknot’s The Devil in I video is already horror enough with its plague doctor masks and Saw-like monstrosities, but Youtuber Adêtue just took it to a whole new level of nightmare fuel. Because, yeah, Pennywise makes everything scarier, right?

Adêtue isn’t clowning around as he savagely bangs out a drum cover of the song looking like an eerie reflection of Pennywise from Andy Muschietti’s IT—seriously, the costume and makeup are so dead-on you almost think this is a deleted scene that fast-forwards from 1989 into the future of metal. So is the evil. He pulls off the same kind of Bill-Skarsgard-esque smile that could lure even the most skeptical kid where they'll float, too. And rock out, of course.

Besides the clown himself, this video is all sorts of insane, from the creepy Georgie intro to the balloons in the back floating over (what else) a yellow rain slicker, to the flashes of Bill’s deceased brother mashed up with that maliciously grinning clown face.

The video not only looks like something that crawled out of the sewers of Derry, but could easily fit in to Slipknot’s vault of videos since the band has always played to the dark side with their masked personas and killer props. They even have an official clown member, Andy, who could almost pass for Tim Curry’s Pennywise without even trying.

What should really give you chills is not only how unreal Adêtue’s drum and makeup skills are, but his portrayal of the carnivorous clown as a bloodstained “after” to the balloon-wielding “before”. As in, after he devours innocent children and needs to purge the bloodstains from his clown suit and greasepaint before he lures in more with promises of a subterranean circus.

Pennywise won’t return from his lair until next year when he emerges in IT, Chapter 2, but first, we’re waiting to see Adêtue cover something by Insane Clown Posse.

(via Dread Central)

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