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Pennywise turns wedding crasher in these freaky-cool wedding photos

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Oct 23, 2017

We know what happens when you say "Beetlejuice" three times in a row, but what does it mean for your marriage when Pennywise ends up in your wedding photos?

It likely means you'll need to give your prankster of a brother a major mouthful.

Writer Jesse McLaren was asked by his sister to photograph her wedding, and the pictures came out great. One small issue: Pennywise the Clown is in them. So, essentially, you have Bride, Groom, Killer Clown in each of these photos.

Given that Jesse's a savvy guy, we're sure there's a clean set of these photos available for the more solemn wedding scrapbook photos, but here's hoping his sister left one or two Pennywise pop-ups somewhere in there to freak people out from time to time.

(via The Wrap)

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