People of Earth's Wyatt Cenac reveals the lighter side of alien abduction

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Aug 3, 2016

From Close Encounters of the Third Kind to The X-Files, alien abduction is usually framed as an occurrence about as welcome as a terminal disease diagnosis.  Imagined and even anecdotal accounts by those who claim to have experienced it almost never illustrate it as just a fun jaunt with the extraterrestrials.

But what if it was?

Or at the very least, an actual experience that isn't just the exclusive domain of loons wearing tinfoil hats?

This October, TBS intends to explore the lighter side of probing, prodding and the speculation of aliens living among us in its new comedy, People of Earth.

The series stars Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show) as Ozzie Graham, a skeptical journalist investigating abductees with the intent to debunk their weird accounts. Except Ozzie might end up having his own close encounter of a very strange kind, intimately connecting him to the "freak show" he's been judging.

Creator David Jenkins and star Wyatt Cenac talk exclusively to Blastr about their comedic take on alien abduction survivors, revealing some unexpected surprises in the narrative of the first season.

Writer/director David Jenkins and comedian Wyatt Cenac talk about their new light-hearted spin on alien abductees in their upcoming TBS comedy, People of Earth


Watch the full trailer for TBS's People of Earth, premiering October 2016.

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