People keep challenging Flash's Grant Gustin to races, and he's actually pretty fast

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Apr 12, 2018, 4:37 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the occupational hazards of playing Barry Allen is that people will challenge you to races all the time in real life. Grant Gustin, the star of CW's The Flash, confirmed that he's always being asked to participate in friendly, leg-based competitions. The topic came up during a recent appearance on Conan, when the host asked:

"Some great things, I'm sure, have come in your life by playing the Flash, but I think there would be a downside, which is that you're out in the world, you're well-known for playing the Flash. I've gotta think there are drunken people that are like 'I bet I'm faster than you, Flash.' 

"Yes, I'm challenged to races," replied Gustin without hesitation, almost as if he gets asked this question all the time. However, he has yet to be approached by a stranger, as his only challengers have been two crew members and one good friend. "I'm 3-0," he said, so maybe he really is the fastest man alive. Or at least the fastest man on set.

There are just two episodes left to Season 4 of The Flash. The next episode, "Lose Yourself," airs April 17.