People of Earth Season 2 SDCC panel beams down new alien agendas

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Jul 23, 2017

If you think People of Earth has been weird enough with every extraterrestrial thing a corporation run by reptilians to humans that only look human until they self-destruct, it's about to get weirder. Exponentially weirder.

I know this because the starship hovering above our planet beamed down an exclusive Season 2 preview. Most people remained on Earth after the reveal, though I don't know exactly where the two next to me went.

So StarCrossed is star-crossed and Richard is ruined. Not just because Nancy broke up with him. Because Nancy exploded. Now he has recurring nightmares that everyone he runs into is a humanoid robot that spontaneously combusts. His obsession with studying photos of Nancy that has him glued to his computer screen for hours at a time gets so extreme that he can only cover himself by trying to convince a suspicious Gina he's ogling internet porn. Too bad psychoanalysts always know what you're really doing.

Jeff, who was used to commanding the ship, is now being pushed around by a mechanical overlord in the form of a really creepy floating camera that scans a human brain like a bar code and determines just how useful live specimens are. This is one of those things that makes you unsure whether you want to laugh your guts out or scream in sheer terror. At least Jeff still gets to abduct specimens himself.

Reptilians may be hell-bent on subverting the human species, but they also don't even know where mozzarella sticks come from. All they know is that a heart attack in a takeout box tastes incredible. Besides his ignorance about Italian food, Jonathan is struggling with whether he should reveal more than just his scaly skin. Actor Michael Cassidy hinted that there will be some Earth-shaking events in Jonathan's life and career this season. He's caught between human ethics and his alien agenda. When he can't figure out what to do about Glint Enterprises, he stuffs his face with fried cheese.


Tolkien elf doppelganger Don (I wouldn't be surprised if he shares DNA with Thranduil) drags himself to Iceland after Kelly keeps insisting he visit his dying mother. Except he doesn't have a dying mother because he isn't actually from Iceland or even Earth. He clearly has no telepathic powers, because the random woman he hijacks in the hospital whips out a family album, which leaves him with a lot of explaining to do about what are supposed to be his childhood photos. Not to mention even more explaining about his species. Just when you don't think this entire awkward situation couldn't possibly get any weirder, he gets beamed up to the Sub-Ship clutching a toothbrush.

When you're an alien on an interplanetary mission, you don't just get out of this by telling your boss you were in the field with a subject.

"You can see why [Kelly] gets frustrated with Don," said actress Alice Wetterlund, "but the great thing about it in this scenario is that he's literally not a man. So you can see her side of things for sure, but you can also see from his perspective, so it's not 'Men are from Mars.'" Men can't be from Mars. If they were, they would be aliens.

Speaking of impressing the powers that be, Season 2 introduces a new character. Alex is an FBI agent who has shot herself in the foot to the point that she wins a contest in shooting every single toe on a foot target dead-on. Because a boss you just offended is going to give you something you'd rather not venture into, she ends up encountering StarCrossed on her most bizarre assignment ever. Newcomer Nasim Pedrad admitted her character is going to end up getting sucked into the group of experiences more than she ever intended to — and then stopped short of saying anything about whether Alex gets abducted.

Abductions happen at night (as Ana Gasteyer so eerily observed), but so does this show at 10:30 tomorrow (Monday). The hilarity is worth tuning in to even if you do end up a specimen.

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