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Jun 9, 2008

I get email.

For example, I got an email recently from a TV station asking if I could be a part of a piece they are doing on the Apollo Moon landings. Great, I thought! Then I read what they wrote more carefully, and it looked like they thought that I was a Moon Hoax believer! I replied to the email, telling them I would be happy to do an interview, but that I am a supporter of Apollo and that I know the landings were real. They replied back, thanking me, and asking when I could do it. OK, cool, I thought, and replied with a suggested date or two.

They then replied back a second time, saying that after reading my email more carefully, they now understood that I represented reality. However, they didn't want that; they wanted to talk to a hoax proponent. They also went on to say that all the ones they had contacted only wanted to sell videos or books, and did I know of any others they could talk to?

After I stopped laughing, I replied back:

I hope you don't find this to be rude, but I would prefer not to help in that capacity. I have spent a decade now fighting people like that, and I have no desire to help them find time on the air. They get far too much attention as it is. I will be happy to help debunk them, but not help them propagate their ideas.

I'm still chuckling about it, though maybe just a bit wryly.

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