People Unclear on the Concept IV

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Sep 19, 2009

I get email.

This time, it was from VoiceAmerica and LOGO, asking if I'd like to come to a conference they are sponsoring called "Celebrate Your Life!" which will be held in Phoenix in November. If you attend this conference, what can you do? Well, they provide a helpful summary:

Immerse yourself in a weekend for your mind, body and spirit. Attend powerful life-changing workshops with the country's top authors and teachers, be guided into a pathway of transformation and personal renewal…

Wow! What kind of top authors can provide powerful life-changing workshops? Well, let's look at two of them pictured here:

The woman in the middle does makeovers, so she's forgiven and forgotten. But the guys bookending her...

You may recognize the man on the right: James van Praagh, a guy who claims he speaks to the dead, but actually is far more likely to be making stuff up out of the ectoplasm. Maybe he believes in what he does, but I sure don't. You shouldn't either. I rarely resort to ad hominems, but man, he's icky.

The other guy is Bruce Lipton, who on the conference site is described thusly:

Bruce H Lipton, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized authority on bridging science and spirit. [...] Dr. Lipton's groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles documents the amazing new awareness that is currently rewriting the science of biology and medicine awareness that the mind's perception of the environment, not genes, controls life at the cellular level.

Oh, of course! Genes are stupid. What were we thinking? All he's doing is overthrowing more than a half-century worth of biological science based on solid evidence such as, um... as, uhhh...



Is this thing on?

[more crickets]

Yeah, OK. I figured as much. Several of the other guests have just as esteemed credentials. Some workshop titles include "Discover How the Science of Numerology Can Transform Your Life!", "An In-depth Journey to Communicating with the Archangels", and my personal favorite, "Choice Point 2012: Fractal Time And A New World Age", which I can't even make sense of. I've heard all those words before, just not in that order.

So, VoiceAmerica and LOGO, thanks for sending a blindingly antiscience invitation to someone like me. You've maybe done some good, because I'll happily mock you to my audience, who may very well go on to do so to theirs as well. Now a whole bunch of people know about your conference! Maybe not in the way you'd hope, though. As for me, I'll skip your nasty little soirée and go about celebrating life the right way: acknowledging reality.

And really, you'd think that if they have gen-yoo-ine psychics on their guest list, they'd know better than to send their ads to me.


And if you're looking for People Unclear on the Concept Parts 1 - 3, they can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Those last two got misnumbered, sadly. I'll do better next time.

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