People's Choice Awards red carpet roundup: Shadowfam, Earper tats and more

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Nov 11, 2018, 9:52 PM EST

Tonight, at the red carpet pre-show ahead of the 2018 E! People's Choice Awards, there were a few noteworthy moments, from the anointing of the 'Shadowfam' to cast of Wynonna Earp talking about what kind of tattoos they'd get. 

First up, Shadowhunters stars Katherine McNamara and Harry Shum, Jr. were on hand to talk about how the fans went above and beyond supporting the show this year, as well as bestowing them an official nickname: the Shadowfam. As Shum put it, "These fans are like family, and the Shadowfam, I think, is really fitting."

Initially, Shadowhunters was only nominated for Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of 2018, but thanks to a vocal write-in campaign, it ended up with four additional nominations, including Bingeworthy Show of 2018 and Show of 2018. 

"The gratitude that I think all of us feel for the fans from day's an overwhelming passion and love for the show, and we share that with them," said McNamara.

The final season of Shadowhunters will air on Freeform sometime in 2019.

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Next up, another show vying to be named the Sci-fi/Fantasy Show of 2018 was SYFY's own Wynonna Earp. To celebrate, the cast was on hand to talk about their own dedicated fanbase, and what kind of tattoos they'd get to honor the show's legacy. 

Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holliday, elected for a lower-back tattoo that would read simply 'Earper.' Katherine Barrell, who plays Nicole Haught, opted for the words 'Peacemaker,' specifically to honor their LGBTQ fans. Star Melanie Scrofano didn't have an answer but seemed receptive to the suggestion of getting something on her forehead. 

"Our fandom, we're biased, but we think it's the most amazing sci-fi fandom," Barrell said on the red carpet. "They are so supportive and they're kind, which I think is the best part."

Wynonna Earp was just confirmed for a fourth season earlier this year. 

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Finally, Terry Crews was on hand to celebrate Deadpool 2's nomination for the Action Movie of 2018. The actor, who played the ill-fated Bedlam, joked about his incredibly brief role. "I died so quick in that movie," Crews said with a smile.

Of course, he praised the Merc with the Mouth himself, Ryan Reynolds, for what he put into the making of the comic book sequel, and took the time to thank all the fans who took the time to vote in the this year's PCAs. "That's what it's all about, the fans voting!"

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