Pepper sex tape? 5 ways Iron Man 3's original draft was different

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May 3, 2013

Movies often change a lot during development, and comic-book movies are notorious for going through several drafts before they finally make it to the big screen. It turns out that director Shane Black had to shed a lot of crazy, cool ideas to get Iron Man 3 to work.

As we already know, even the original Iron Man was a very different beast when it was first pitched, and now Black and his co-writer Drew Pearce have opened up about some of the weirder storylines they had to ax before and after the cameras started rolling on part three.

Black revealed in a podcast with Empire Magazine that they left almost 80 minutes of footage on the cutting room floor to reduce the run time, which was originally well over three hours.

Here are some of the biggest differences that didn't survive the editing room:

Pepper Potts sleeps with Guy Pearce’s character; sex tape broadcast at Home Depot

This is, by far, the weirdest twist. Apparently an early draft of the script had Stark’s beloved lady Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), sleeping with Guy Pearce's Aldrich Killian. Killan apparently seduced Pepper and filmed the act — which he eventually broadcasts at a Home Depot (seriously) to mess with Tony. This sounds absolutely insane, and we really wish it had happened, for the WTF factor alone. 

A pretty epic car chase scene

Black and Pearce were both heartbroken to leave what was apparently a pretty spectacular car chase scene on the cutting room floor. With the running time creeping so high, and Black’s penchant for character, it makes sense he’d shed a big scene to save more time for his little ones. Here’s hoping we’ll eventually get to see this one anyway on Blu-ray.

Original villains: Madden, Simon Krieger and Edwin Cord

These guys are best known for their association with Roxxon Energy Corp. in the Marvel comic canon, and were apparently some additional baddies that popped up in an early draft. But, with the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) causing a boatload of trouble, Black felt the rogue’s gallery was getting a little too crowded, so they were dropped.

Tony had his own student geek squad

In what would’ve been a fun bit of a B story, an early draft found Tony seeking out assistance from a group of MIT students who help him at one point. It could’ve been fun to see Stark hanging out with some common nerds, but there apparently just wasn’t enough room in the final cut for this subplot.

More of Tony Stark bonding with a kiddo

Not to delve into spoilery territory, but Tony spends a portion of the film working with a young kid. Apparently there were a few more bits from this plot that didn’t make the cut, including a scene where the kid saves his bully from a falling water tower.

Iron Man 3 officially opened today. So go check it out and let us know if any of these plots should’ve made the cut.


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