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Peter Capaldi reveals the rockin' Doctor Who story he never got to tell

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Mar 27, 2018, 11:44 AM EDT (Updated)

During his tenure as the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi once came up with an idea for a Doctor Who episode that ultimately never got made. The actor, who handed over the keys to the TARDIS to Jodie Whittaker during the last emotional Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time,” has revealed what his story would have been about — and it would have featured a rock legend.

Capaldi was in attendance during Baltimore’s Regeneration Who convention over the weekend (via Radio Times), where the actor told the fans in attendance he once had an idea for a musical episode where the 12th Doctor would have met with none other than Jimi Hendrix. Capaldi also explained that Hendrix and his incarnation of the beloved Time Lord would have found themselves bonding over their love of electric guitars and facing an alien threat. Basically, all in a day's work in the timey-wimey world of the Doctor.

“I always wanted a story where he met Jimi Hendrix and said, ‘Jimi, your sound’s good, but… what you really need is a sort of wah-wah sound. Let me work on that, I think I can figure out a box.’ I’ll find a little thing here, and some valves, and an old bit of shoe, in some shoebox thing, and say to Jimi, ‘Here’s a wah-wah pedal.’ And of course there would have been aliens channeling themselves through Jimi’s music, to try and capture the brains of the adult population of the UK at the time,” Capaldi said.

While the episode sadly never got made, some of Capaldi’s ideas were actually incorporated into the BBC series. Particularly the one about the 12th Doctor playing the electric guitar, a hobby he picked up from Season 9 onward in “The Magician’s Apprentice.”

“I thought it would be funny if he could play the guitar, sort of like a teenager?” Capaldi said. “You know, a guitar that he’d made himself, an amp that it looked like he’d made himself. I thought [the Doctor] should play really badly. And I thought it’d be great if he plugged it into the TARDIS control panel. That would have been great. I never thought they’d take it seriously, but [showrunner Steven Moffat] did! And somehow I was amazed to read this thing of me arriving on a tank playing the TARDIS.”

Check out the Doctor's rockin' entrance on a tank in the video below:

“And of course, because I am so clever and so instinctively right about these things, I said to Steven, ‘We can’t do that. That is so wrong, that will not work, it makes me look like Cher.’ But then she had a great hit with 'If I Could Turn Back Time', so …” Capaldi concluded.

What do you think of the actor’s idea for a Doctor Who episode featuring Jimi Hendrix? Would you have liked to see Capaldi’s Doctor jammin’ with the American rock legend while fighting aliens?

(via Radio Times)