Peter Davison talks the Five(ish) Doctors sequel and returning to Doctor Who

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Jul 4, 2015, 2:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Of the many Doctor Who 50th-anniversary shenanigans that took place in November 2013, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot spoof became a hit with fans because it was funny and original, and it also starred four beloved classic Doctors. So, it’s no wonder people want a sequel!

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison -- who wrote and directed the half-hour special -- recently spoke to Digital Spy and weighed in on the likely possibilities fans could get their wish, saying there will be a sequel, but only if he can come up with a great idea and a great cast. Here’s what Davison said:

"There are two problems, really, in my head. I wouldn’t want to do it if it was half-hearted and nowhere near as good as the other one, so it would have to be a good enough idea.

"The other problem – and it’s a fairly major one – is we had probably the best cast you can imagine. Literally everyone said yes – with one exception – and it’s very difficult to imagine getting that cast together again… and not paying them! I couldn’t really ring up people and ask them to do a day for no money at all – their patience might run out! So if I did come up with a good enough idea, I’d then have to figure out a way of actually paying them some money! All these things are not impossible, but I wouldn’t even want to go down that road unless I thought it could be better!"

(Davison starred alongside Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy [the Seventh Doctor] and Paul McGann [the Eighth Doctor]. I’m guessing the exception was probably Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, who did appear in the 50th-anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor.")

The last time Peter Davison officially donned his Time Lord garb on Doctor Who was on the 2007 Steven Moffat-penned Children in Need special, "Time Crash." Back then, David Tennant was piloting the TARDIS as the Tenth Doctor. Would Davison be open to donning the cricket outfit and celery stick once again and returning in some capacity to the BBC series?

"[Time Crash] was a very clever script from Steven Moffat – with the 10th Doctor remembering the 5th Doctor, but also David Tennant remembering watching me on the TV – so it worked on two levels. But that’s always been the problem with regards us older Doctors returning – theoretically we should look exactly the same, as we did. Of course, we don’t – as time has passed, cruelly!

"If someone could come up with a good enough reason, then I would love the idea – but I’d never push it. I never thought we would get a look in at the 50th – and that was fair enough, I think."

Based on Peter Davison's comments, what are the chances we'll be getting that Five(ish) Doctors sequel? As for the Fifth Doctor showing up in a future episode of Doctor Who, is that something you’d wanna see happen?

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