Peter Mayhew reveals rare Empire Strikes Back footage of Chewie speaking English

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Nov 8, 2016, 12:59 PM EST

Of course we all realize that beneath Chewbacca's yak-fur costume, there really was a 7-foot-2 human being delivering dialogue to be later dubbed in post-production sound, but it's still unsettling to hear Peter Mayhew actually speaking his muffled screenplay cues in his SW London accent to Harrison Ford's Han Solo on the Elstree Studios set of The Empire Strikes Back. Mayhew shared this rare treasure with fans last weekend via Star Wars documentarian Jamie Benning, showing Chewie doing some last-minute arc-welding repairs on the Millennium Falcon, and it is a bit jarring at first, since we all sorta believe the Wookiee is real!  Right?

Listen to Mayhew's improvised words while interacting with his captain companion and tell us if you wonder what else Chewie might be saying in the Star Wars saga.

(Via io9)