Peter Parker dances again in the weirdest Spider-Man: Homecoming promo yet

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Jun 15, 2017

Peter Parker might be from Queens, but he’s still an international hero. So the marketing push for Spider-Man: Homecoming has gone global, leading to some truly bizarre promos.

One of the weirdest? A commercial for the Italian internet and cable company called TIM, which finds Spidey following around and dancing with a hipster — eventually stealing his hat so he can ride off into the sunset and bust a few more moves as hipster Spider-Man? I guess? Look, it’s pretty weird — but still not even close to being as awful as what Sam Raimi did with Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3, with Spidey doing his evil dance walk. It literally took two reboots to wash that out of our eyeballs.

Still, this one is pretty weird, too.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7.

Check out the commercial below, and here’s hoping this one stays in Italy:

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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