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Peter Parker pulls a prank in new Spider-Man Homecoming clip and final poster

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Dec 18, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

It's nice to see Marvel's Peter Parker back to his more playful roots in the new Jon Watts-directed Spider-reboot, Spider-Man Homecoming. Sony's promos have been light and colorful, and a refreshing, much-needed change from more self-serious, grim-dark Hollywood superhero outings like Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Logan.

The latest marketing device has Spidey dropping in on unsuspecting coffee customers at a New York City Starbucks, dangling from the ceiling to pick up his grande Cold Brew as startled guests observe the hilarious high-jinks.

Check out the BTS set-up for this stunt in the video below, and feast your eyes on the beautiful new final poster to help quench your thirst for Spider-Man Homecoming until it lands on July 7.


(Via CBM)