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Peter Parker's 9/11 connection, Davos' final stand, and the Cancerverse: The week's craziest fan theories

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Nov 8, 2018

No matter what series they're into, fans tend to have two traits in common: they're extremely creative and not especially patient. Perhaps that's why there are so many fan theories, because fans can't help but try to predict what'll happen in Avengers 4 or explain away some obscure Game of Thrones mystery in the agonizing wait for the final season.

Sometimes, these theories are right-on, but for every "R + L = J," there are hundreds of very, very bad fan theories.

Each week, SYFY WIRE will round-up some of the latest crazy fan theories that are making the rounds online and explain why they're so absurd. This is not a place for plausible fan theories — this is a place for debunking. This isn't to say that passionate fans should stop making fan theories; y'all should go nuts. But, maybe don't believe every fan theory you read.

Peter Parker 911

Peter Parker's parents died in 9/11

Whoo boy. Redditor myckount posted this theory on Reddit a month ago, but it started to gain a little traction on entertainment news websites this week. The theory posits that since Peter Parker was born in August 2001, his parents died during the September 11th terrorist attacks.

As "evidence," myckount points to Peter's admission in Captain America: Civil War that he had never been on an airplane before, perhaps because he has a fear of flying due to his parents' deaths when he was a month old. The theory also suggests that Peter has a fear of heights because of 9/11.

"Peter's first interaction with the Vulture is when the latter catches the former by surprise and dragging him up through the air, which terrifies Peter immensely," myckount writes, as if getting unexpectedly pulled into the sky by a scary villain isn't terrifying enough without also having a personal connection to the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

Sony's first Spider-Man movie came out shortly after the events of 9/11, and images of the Twin Towers were erased from promotional posters and in the film itself in the wake of the tragedy. It would be pretty buck-wild for Sony and Disney to insert 9/11 into the backstory of the MCU's Spider-Man.


All of the victims of Thanos' snap are in a deathless dimension known as the 'Cancerverse'

Avengers 4 will, no doubt, undo most of the deaths that occurred in Infinity War, but a writer at IGN suggested that the film will draw upon a 2010 comic book series. In Marvel's The Thanos Imperative, the universe is threatened by a dimension called the "Cancerverse," a deathless realm that is wildly overpopulated and wants to spread, uncontrolled, into other dimensions — like a cancer.

Perhaps the victims of Thanos' snap weren't killed but sent to this Cancerverse, because in a deathless realm they wouldn't need resources to survive. Furthermore, the comic also ends with two Guardians of the Galaxy members sacrificing themselves to stay behind in the Cancerverse to trap Thanos. Is this how Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans will exit the MCU?

Probably not. While it's not crazy to think that Avengers 4 might be influenced in some way by this comic series, introducing the Cancerverse explicitly seems like it would be stuffing too much into an already overstuffed film. Also, I know moviegoing audiences have gotten used to a bunch of crazy comic book lingo, but "Cancerverse" is still a lot to take in for a Disney blockbuster.

Ser Davos

Davos Seaworth will defeat the Night King

The headline of Elite Daily's post about a seemingly self-made Game of Thrones theory is a red flag right off the bat: "Who Is The Final Game Of Thrones Battle Between? This Theory Reveals The Answer."

It would be weird if a good theory, one that by its very nature is an unconfirmed best guess, revealed an answer. This theory ain't good though. Elite Daily, working off that Entertainment Weekly cover story about Thrones' final season, speculates what the EW reporter meant when he wrote that there are characters who are alive in the finale who he did not expect.

"But you know who I think would be the most logical person to survive? Davos Seaworth," reads the article. "He's a man who rose himself out of nothing, who was respected by one would-be King and then another, mostly for his pragmatism in battle and in politics. If there's anyone left standing who wins the final battle, it would be Davos."

This is hardly a theory. Sure, Davos may be alive, but this theory doesn't really provide any evidence for why he of all people should be the one to battle the Night King at the very end. The narrative arc of the show so far has not set Davos up to be the final, greatest hero, and while it's possible, you could just as easily make a case that pretty much any other character will be left standing. Like, why not Bronn? Hell, why not Hot Pie?

You can make a case for anything if you try hard enough, or in the case of the Elite Daily article, don't really try at all.

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