Peter Weller's super-secret Star Trek Into Darkness role revealed

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Mar 8, 2013, 9:29 AM EST

Though most of the mystery surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness has focused on Benedict Cumberbatch’s baddie John Harrison, sci-fi legend Peter Weller also has a super-secret role in Abrams’ sequel. Now, we finally know who he’s playing.

Spoilers ahead!

Some footage has apparently screened in Brazil, and a report has leaked out via the website Juado that reveals Weller's role in the flick.

Many guesses circled around the Khan rumors, with fans thinking he could be a member of Khan’s entourage, or even Khan himself. So is it true?

Nope, not at all. Weller is apparently playing Starfleet's Admiral Marcus, who is likely the father of Starfleet officer Carol Marcus (Alice Eve). How he’ll fit into the narrative is unknown, but it’ll be pretty awesome to see RoboCop himself as a higher-up in Starfleet.

How do you think Weller’s Admiral Marcus will pop up in the Trek sequel?