Peter Jackson announces three awesome new hires for The Hobbit

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Dec 14, 2012

The Hobbit is absolutely our most anticipated movie of 2012. It's based on one of the best fantasy books ever written, directed by Peter Jackson and has Ian McKellen and Cate Blanchett reprising their roles from Lord of the Rings. We've been imagining a near-perfect movie ... but now it just got better than that.

Stephen Fry has been cast as the Master of Lake-town, the elected leader of the town of Esgaroth. The character is intelligent, yet greedy and cowardly, and he [*spoiler alert*] comes to a very bad end.

To know Stephen Fry is to love how awesome he is. An actor who's appeared in V for Vendetta, as well as the classic TV show Blackadder, he also hosts the wonderfully geeky British comedy quiz show QI. In addition, he voices videogame characters, has written a science fiction novel and blogs about technology.

We're not the only ones who adore him. For an absolutely hilarious look at one fan's devotion, watch the video of this song, "An Open Letter to Stephen Fry."

In addition, Jackson announced on his Facebook page:

The Master's conniving civil servant, Alfrid will be played by Ryan Gage. Ryan is a great young actor who we originally cast in a small role, but we liked him so much, we promoted him to the much larger Alfrid part.

Last, and certainly not least, is Conan Stevens, who will be playing an Orc called Azog (Orcs are never called Roger or Dennis for some strange reason). And yes that's his name—Conan! Isn't that cool? Azog is played by Conan!

Check out the 7-foot-tall Conan Stevens, making the less-tall-than-average Peter Jackson look positively hobbit-like.

(via SFX)

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