Peter Jackson continues teasing he might direct a Doctor Who ep

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

We've been hearing rumors and reasons as to whether Peter Jackson may direct an episode of Doctor Who. Turns out Jackson was at a screening for the new Doctor Who Christmas episode, and you'll never guess what came up.

All right—here's the equation:

Doctor Who Christmas Screening (Peter Jackson + Ian McKellen stunt casting) = ?

What's the answer? If you guessed "Another journalist asking whether Peter Jackson will work with Steven Moffat again" (aka "Will you, pretty please, tell me that you are directing an episode of Doctor Who"), then congratulations!

Seriously, though, Jackson—it's happening, right?

"Well, you never know, we may well do."

Afterward, Jackson apparently "grinned." Is this further confirmation, or was Jackson just feeling saucy?

While we're at it—if Jackson does direct, do you want something of the Hobbit variety? Or should he perhaps return to his Dead Alive horror roots?

(via Blogtor Who)