Peter Jackson works with Universal Studios on new Kong ride

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Peter Jackson, writer-director of the 2005 adaptation of the classic King Kong, told fans at a Comic-Con panel that he is working with Universal Studios Hollywood to let fans experience the film in a new way in an attraction that will replace the longstanding ride that was destroyed in a fire last year.

"We're going to be doing a very technologically complicated replacement for King Kong," he revealed for the first time during the panel. "It involves the Universal tram driving into a darkened soundstage, and it ends up on a motion-simulator base where the whole tram gets moved around."

Jackson said the idea came after he heard that the original ape used on Universal's studio tour was destroyed. "The rubber King Kong that we all loved so much got consumed by flames a year ago in that big fire, and they wanted to have a Kong attraction still," he explained. "So I've been working on [it] quietly with Universal, and we're just about to start production on it."

He said that the attraction will combine classic techniques with ultra-modern technology. "It's like super-Cinerama, where they used to have three cameras that shot three different films that joined together with three projectors," he said. "Except this is going to be eight cameras, eight images that project four on each side so that every person on this tourist tram can see this wraparound view of Skull Island. Each images is going to be 4K [resolution], it's going to be 3-D, everyone gets those glasses, it's going to be 60 frames per second."

In terms of the "plot," Jackson revealed that the experience will be borrowed directly from the film's centerpiece sequence. "It's going to be tied into this simulator base where Kong fights these T-rexes, with you being in your Universal tram in the middle of this fight," Jackson said. "You're getting buffeted around and you're sliding down towards a chasm, and Kong is thumping the hell out of the Tyrannosauruses as they're trying to grab tourists out of the trams."

"This is going to be an incredible amount of fun and a chance to really push [interactivity]," he continued, "We're going to be pumping hot air and stinky breath at you, and when Kong gives a dinosaur a right hook, there will be goo that will be flying. So it's going to be a lot of fun, and it's something I'm looking forward to."