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Peter's Peteriest moments in Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

I think by now the internet is well aware of my Peter Parker love. There was a part of me that was convinced we’d never get a Spider-Man that got both Spidey and Peter right. But here we are, in the year of our Lords Stan Lee and Steve Ditko 2017, and the unthinkable has happened.

… We got a really, really good Spider-Man movie. Now, I’m not here to dog on Tobey or Andrew, but let’s be real ... Tom Holland was the Peteriest of Peters that there be. Here are a few of my favorite Peter Parker moments in Spider-Man: Homecoming, presented in no particular order.

Huge spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming from here on out.

Peter Parker Is a Huge Nerd

Peter Parker in lab goggles, an apron, and gloves at a science table

Okay, we know this to be true. I’m aware. But the way the script allowed us to see how ingrained his academic inclinations were to every part of his life was great. We caught sight of the web-fluid formula while he’s in science class, he’s on the academic decathlon team, he’s a good student. I love that we got to see so much of Peter Parker/Spider-Man as a student. Also, he uses his TI-83 to hack the door at the DDoC!! A T-I-8-3. You know he totally coded that skiing game onto his calculator, too.

Peter Parker Is Genuinely a Good Dude (™)

Liz Allen and Peter Parker Still from Spider-Man: Homecoming

When tasked with inviting Spider-Man to Liz’s party, his initial reaction is to squash (sorry) the idea that Spidey should turn up because he’s “just going to be [him]self.” He, as a 15-year-old kid, really thinks this is the best option. It’s very sweet ... and turns out to be true, too! Peter’s earnestness is part of what makes him so compelling (and sometimes frustrating) as a hero.

Peter Parker Really Wants to Be an Avenger … Until He Doesn’t

Tony Stark and Peter Parker

“Are you an Avenger?!”
“... Yeah, basically.”

Something we consistently see in Homecoming is Peter needing the validation of being an Avenger. In this world, this kid has grown up watching heroes in real life. He doesn’t have anyone to tell him whether he’s doing the "hero" thing right or not, and here comes the ultimate vindication. Throughout the movie, we get to watch him grow as a character and realize that he could spend a bit more time on the ground before graduating to a team of superheroes. There are many ways in which Spidey can be seen as immature or annoying, but really, Peter Parker is a pretty mature character. 

Peter Parker Is All Aloooone, There’s No One There Besiiiide Him

Peter Parker Still from Spider-Man: Homecoming

Something that makes Spider-Man, and Peter, different from other superheroes in the MCU is his age and his isolation. This is a running theme in the comics, as well. There are times when Peter feels he has no one to go to (Marvel Knights, Civil War, etc), and he takes the world on by himself and with his family. Granted, this looks a tad different in Homecoming, where the major problem is that Tony just book-five-Dumbledores Peter and ignores him … but, you know.

Peter Parker Is Very Bad at Keeping Secrets

Peter Parker and Ned Still from Spider-Man: Homecoming

Courtesy of Marvel

One of the running jokes in Ultimate Spider-Man is how quickly everyone finds out that Peter is Spider-Man. Like, seriously, everyone knows. King Pin, Goblin, Aunt May, Mary Jane. You name a person in Pete’s life, and they probably know that he’s Spider-Man. Homecoming is not all that different. Ned finds out almost immediately, May knows by the end of the movie, Vulture figures it out within 15 minutes of meeting Peter. Way to go, Parker!

Peter Parker Is a Growing Boy

Spider-Man: Homecoming- Tom Holland as Spider-Man, mask half off

Courtesy of Marvel

“That ole’ Parker luck” is one of Spidey’s catchphrases for a reason. Peter has notoriously bad luck / Peter makes notoriously bad decisions. Getting to see those parts of his evolution as Spider-Man were some of his best moments on screen. Whether it was one of the many excellent pratfalls we see Pete take, or accidentally webbing a guy to his own car and getting yelled at for it, or succumbing to the idea of using an AI as a confidant … Pete maybe doesn’t think things through as well as he should.

Also, Peter, you can’t web your way through Jersey, my bud.

Spidey in Scarsdale 1.JPG

Amazing Spider-Man #267 (1985)
Words: Peter David, Art: Bob McLeod, Colors: Bob Sharen, Letters: Joe Rosen




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