Peter's going to do things his way from now on in new Fringe promo

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Dec 16, 2012

We're sick of Fringe-free Fridays. We need Walter Bishop on our screens ASAP! Luckily for us, Fox has released a new promo for the January return of one of our favorite sci-fi dramas.

In the newest Fringe promo, Peter Bishop is taking control. It looks like he and Agent Lee cross over to the alternate universe but aren't welcomed with open arms. Guns are drawn, shots are fired, and David Robert Jones is smack-dab in the middle of it.

Remember how Mr. Jones was sliced in half when attempting to walk through a portal to the other side? So why is his body back to normal? We're not sure, but they could be flashbacks or scenes of his double. In the world of fringe science, anything is possible.

The last time we saw the Fringe gang, Peter was still working on his exit strategy, Agent Lee was at a diner and Olivia was on her apartment floor. How do they go from that to Walternate telling his son, "Everything isn't as it seems?" What does that mean? Perhaps Walternate actually knows something about Peter's visit to limbo land.

What are your theories on the second half of the season?

Fringe returns with all-new episodes Jan. 13.

(via SciFiMafia)